Patrick Hambleton Management

Top Floor, 136 englefield Road, London N1 3LQ
020 7226 0947 (London) 0141 404 6117 (Glasgow)

Patrick Hambleton Management

Patrick Hambleton | Carolyn Cutler

Patrick Hambleton Management was created in 2006 by Patrick Hambleton and Jason Pollock.

Patrick has 20 years' experience, having worked for the producer, Thelma Holt, then later as an agent at Stephen Hatton Management, Jane Lehrer Associates, and CCA.

Carolyn Cutler joined PHM as an agent in 2008, having had 10 years' previous industry experience working at other agencies including Conway Van Gelder Grant, and ARG. In 2011, PHM took the step to create a Scottish office which is headed by Carolyn.

Who we work with: